Friday, December 03, 2010

Trying to reject the Museum of the Confederacy.

I wrote four letters to the judges for the Founders Award of the Museum of the Confederacy (MOC) asking that my new book, "The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader," not be considered for any prize from the MOC. I copied all the letters and sent them with a cover letter to S. Waite Rawls. I sent all five mailings by certified post. I wrote this letter because I got word that they would consider it for an award if copies were sent to the four judges. In fact copies of the book were asked for by the MOC and copies are going to be sent to them by my publisher over my strongly stated objections.

This is the URL for the book:

Unfortunately it seems that they are going to consider the book for the award anyway. As was explained by John Coski, in an email sent to me earlier today, it isn't my decision. Of course they are right, it is their award and I don't have a say, but I was hoping my letter to them would bring sure rejection of any award.

This is an eventuality that I didn't plan for and at this time, I don't have a plan other then it is probably time I did writing critical of the MOC. I am very unhappy over this possibility. I am thinking of an emergency plan. I suppose this blog post is the first step. I really don't want any book of mine to receive an award from the MOC. I am going to write about an interesting speech at the MOC about the MOC published in the Southern Partisan as the next step.

The following is the text of the letter sent to four judges and copies of each letter sent to S. Waite Rawls.

Dear XXX:

I am writing you to tell you that I do not want any book of mine to be considered for any award by the Museum of the Confederacy. More specifically I don’t want “The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader,” co-edited by Edward H. Sebesta and James Loewen, University Press of Mississippi considered for an award by the Museum of the Confederacy either for 2010, or in the future.

Not to be presumptuous that the “Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader,” would win any award from the Museum of the Confederacy, but if the book did win some type of award, I would reject the award publically and use the occasion to criticize the Museum of the Confederacy.

Finally, I should let you know that in debate with James McPherson, noted Civil War historian, I have spoken out against the Museum of the Confederacy on Pacifica Radio Network.

Sincerely Yours,

You would think that would be enough to put an end to any consideration, but evidently not.

As a preliminary to better understand my opposition to the MOC I suggest people might read

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