Monday, December 20, 2010

Haley Barbour and his comments on the White Citizens' Councils. Update, Further Update.

By the way, the White Citizens' Councils did sometime call themselves just that.

Anyways, Haley Barbour in an interview here,, has Barbour explaining that the White Citizens' Council's as a force for good in race relations.

The Internet is having articles popping up all over about it.

Actually, the Citizens' Councils were extremely racist. You can read the entire run of their newspaper here:

Blogger Yglesias here has a review of the Weekly Standard's interview here:

Yglesias blog has a link to

A lot of blogs are linking to Yglesias' blog which means a lot of people will get a link to the Citizens' Council web page.


Another interesting article at


An interesting article by David A. Love. It mentions my Citizens Council website.

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