Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Storming the U.S. Capitol Building with Confederate flags

 Looking at the many videos and pictures and news stories and instagram and twitter and Facebook etc. if you saw the crowd as a whole you didn't see a large percentage of Confederate flags, mostly they were Trump flags and American flags and a few other types. There were a few Confederate flags though.

One thing though is that the media made sure each Confederate flag in the U.S. Capitol got a lot of media attention. 

The negative publicity for the Confederacy has been immense due to the Confederate flag being flown by Trump supporters storming the Capitol Building as a mob. 

A lot of people are really upset, angry, about what happened. 

I think that the acceptance of organizations that promote the Confederacy is going to go to zero except for cranky racists. 

A lot of people are realizing that honoring violent insurrectionists is really not a good idea. 

There is still in existence a large fraction of the population that still supports Trump, but it will be a declining fraction as time goes on. 

A Confederate monument, flag, name is now going to be identified with Trumpism. Every Confederate monument where ever they may still stand is now going to be a symbolic focus point in the conflict of Trumpers versus anti-Trumpers. 

As I have said many times before as fewer and fewer Confederate items remain, those that do remain will seem more and more anomalous and unacceptable. 

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