Sunday, March 12, 2017

Kevin Levin reveals himself on plantation weddings

This is his blog posting on the issue of plantation weddings. It is titled "We Just Want to Get Married," which is a good clue to his attitude.

I came across it while I was researching plantation weddings.

It really shows who Levin is.

A quote:

"Apart from confronting the past I don't see what is necessarily wrong with holding weddings, concerts, and other events on plantation grounds. Why must slavery be front and center of every activity? No doubt some of these sites rely on the income to stay open."

He also has the snarky comment, "Guess what, many plantation homes do provide a beautiful setting for a wedding."

Levin also invents "selective outrage" because slavery was in other places besides big house plantations. This is a sort of grasping at straws.

The mind simply reels reading this posting of Levin's and further you realize that Levin has no clue about what he is writing.

This posting reveals Levin to be inherently an establishmentarian. If there is a historical institution or some operation he is ready to defend it.

As time marches on he will eventually be an aging reactionary ranting against the future.

I think as time goes on clergy of whatever faith should pledge not to do plantation weddings. I will be writing people about this issue.

I am also researching it. As an issue of race, place, slavery and gender it is largely unexplored.

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