Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Reactionary nature of Secession

There are of course some situations in which secession is necessary, but I am commenting on the great majority of justifications for secession.

Democracy and elections

1. Anyone can support democracy if their faction or party or group is winning the elections. The true test of the support for democracy is when your faction, party or group is losing the elections. Even more so, is when you don't have a reasonable hope of winning the next elections. In America many whose group is losing today are hopeful that tomorrow the public will see reason and there will be electoral victory.

Also, if a great majority is in favor of one party and a minority is in favor of another party, they are outnumbered and they don't have a lot of support. So those who give up on democracy or seek to subvert it are a minority.  Or the case may be that if a great many support a new direction opponents will eventually change their opinion.

However, electoral results are rarely, in fact I don't if they are actually ever, geographically uniform. In an election some area, place, region is likely to have voted one way and the rest of the geographical are for the election another.

This is where the idiotic idea of secession comes in. Some will imagine that if they were in a separate polity they can have their own local majority. So they propose secession. Of course this process if repeatedly carried out, would eventually break a nation into a million polities.

Usually it is justified by finding some cultural difference and arguing they are incompatible with the rest. Some small difference is inflated. "They use two pads of butter on their muffins, the horror, we only use one pad of butter on our muffins and these immigrants use margarine, even worse, or some equivalent nonsense."

2. The world is small and getting smaller. It isn't the 18th century where the choices for travel are boats and carriages travelling over bad roads.  We have jets, Internet, modern highways, powered ships, telecommunications,etc.

For many reasons the world needs to work together in multinational arrangements, not petty states.

We live in a world of different people. Living with them and they with us is something that needs to be done. Also, expecting that one group or another will be privileged, in particular ourselves is an expectation that is likely sooner or later be unfulfilled.

It isn't necessarily going to be easy at all times, and we will always find others annoying to us and we to them. However that is life, we need to be grown up and not spoiled and not in expectation of privilege.

Secession is for whiners and morons.

Unfortunately there are some people who claimed to be leftists and who propose secession. They are morons. Their proposals should be seen as reactionary as they truly are.

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