Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Special: "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" a book even less believable than Thomas DiLorenzo's book.

I know that it is hard to believe that any book on Lincoln could be more unbelievable than Thomas DiLorenzo's book on Lincoln, but that just shows the limits of our imaginations. With "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," I think you have to admit that the author has outdone DiLorenzo, though perhaps only marginally.

There is a new genre in which classics are rewritten as horror novels. For example there is the book, "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" a rewrite of the Jane Austen novel. You can read about it here.,8599,1889075,00.html

or this article:,0,4685367.story

Evidently the book is selling quite well and there is a bidding war for the movie rights. (Or a movie may be already be forthcoming since the above article was published.) So the author of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," Seth Grahame-Smith, wrote another book, "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" which is selling well and its going to be made into a movie.

This is the "Los Angeles Times" article on it.

The following URL is for an article about it being made into a movie.

Evidently 20th Century Fox is scheduled to release the film June 22, 2012.

There is something hilarious about how this pseudo-history that is so fantastic and unbelievable. Perhaps Seth Grahame-Smith was inspired by reading neo-Confederate accounts of black Confederates and realized that the sky is the limit for invented history. After all if it can be claimed that Stonewall Jackson had two black battalions why not have Abraham Lincoln be a vampire hunter?

The book is evidently selling quite well and there is actually a trailer for the movie that is in the works. On Youtube it has had over 400,000 viewers. The URL is: The YouTube version is larger than what I can fit into this blog.

In the book and the movie the Confederates are on the side of the vampires. Someone should alert the Sons of Confederate Veterans that there is a heritage violation.

It should be observed that this book is no more fantastical or outlandish than the claim put forth by the Sons of the Confederate Veterans that Abraham Lincoln was part of a communist conspiracy. I quote them here in another blog at this URL:

So Seth Grahame-Smith is only marginally, if at all, more fantastical than the Sons of Confederate Veterans writings of black Confederates, claims of a Communist Lincoln, and of course the usual claim that the Confederates didn't secede over slavery.

Happy Halloween, don't eat too many marshmallow pumpkins.

Update: This web page covers the other "Monster Mashups" of the classics and the horror genre. The titles are a hoot to read, such as "Little Women and Werewolves."

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