Sunday, March 15, 2009

Council of Illiterate Conservative Citizens; Updated, one error corrected, one clung to.

The Council of Conservative Citizens is up in arms over a History Channel show on the Punic wars and Carthage. They claim that Hannibal is being portrayed as sub-Saharan African.

The item is at:

Irately they proclaim:

"Afro-centrists are always scavenging about for crumbs to glorify a Negro history that never existed. The city-state of Carthage was Greek, not Sub-Sahara African. The inhabitants of North Africa at the time of Hannibal were white, not black. The Berbers of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia are still Caucasoid, not black."

The Carthaginians were Phoenician, not Greek! Anyone who has even a passing knowledge of ancient history knows this. I have no idea why the race of the Berbers is brought up either. Berbers are not some modern day group descended from Phoenicians. They are not descended from the Greeks either but are a people indigenous to Africa.

The above is fairly representative of what passes for the Council of Conservative Citizens' historical analysis, a mental process thrashing with rage, rather than reason.


Well the post on the CofCC blog has been updated, they seem to realize the Carthaginians were Phoenician. However, they are still rattling on about Berbers. The Phoenicians weren't Berbers either. They immigrated from the eastern coast of the Mediterraneans and were the competitors of the Greeks in the ancient world. You would have to have slept through your ancient history classes not to know this. However, the hysteric historians don't seem to realize this.

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