Friday, October 10, 2008

Article on the Neo-Confederacy of the Alaska Independence Party

As I think almost everyone knows, Sarah Palin has spoken to the convention of the Alaska Independence Party (AIP) praising them in a video she sent to their convention.

This article by Max Blumenthal and David Neiwert describes the AIP party and the beliefs of its members. They have a neo-Confederate view of the Civil War. The article is at this link.

This isn't surprising since the AIP is the Alaska branch of the Constitution Party which is an organization of Christian Reconstructionists and Christian Reconstructionists have a neo-Confederate view of American history. The two movements have a lot of overlap in beliefs and individual members. My co-author and I have an article on Confederate Christian nationalism at this link.

It is a milestone for mainstreaming neo-Confederacy in that a Vice-Presidential candidate for the Republican party is involved with and a supporter of a neo-Confederate secessionist group.

I plan to blog on the financial crisis and the neo-Confederates, but want to get this posted first.

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