Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Max Blumenthal Reports on Pro-Lynching Country Western Singer

Max Blumenthal reports on the pro-lynching song by country western singer Toby Keith here in this blog at Huffington Post.


It is a good blog since it reminds people what lynching was all about. I would further add that it took some effort and doing to get rid of lynching. It persisted a long time in American life and wasn't restricted to the South, though it was Southern congressional representatives which were the loudest and most determined opponents of national anti-lynching legislation. You only have to read the debates over the Dyer anti-lynching act in the House in the early 1920's to realize how there can be a substantial pro-lynching political force. It is probably the creepiest section of the Congressional Record.

What is the most shocking thing about Toby Keith's song isn't the song itself which is appalling, it is the tolerance for the song and acceptance of Toby Keith by major media despite him singing and promoting this song.

Max Blumenthal has done the public a service by reminding people what lynching is in concrete terms.

The neo-Confederates are strong supporters of being violent as a southern quality. League of the South president Michael Hill called the IRA the equivalent to a Medieval Scottish clan. Former League of the South member of the board of directors, Thomas Fleming has pushed the idea of violence in Chronicles magazine.

Max Blumenthal has a follow up blog on Toby Keith and his comments concerning Obama.


With the economy going bad there will be a lot of discontent. Having a song which legitimatizes lynching is appalling at all times, but especially dangerous now.

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