Tuesday, June 10, 2008

James Webb and his Confederacy problem hit the news

David Mark has an article "Webb's rebel roots: An Affinity for the Confederacy," on James Webb and his Confederate Celtic theories and pro-Confederate viewpoints.


The question that needs to be asked is whether James Webb is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a racist group.

I have a paper on the Confederate Celtic identity theory that was published in Scottish Affairs, at the University of Edinburgh. http://www.templeofdemocracy.com/ScottishAffairs.htm It has a section that explains the bogusness of this Confederate Celtic theory.

There is also Diane Robert's article in Oxford American. http://www.templeofdemocracy.com/YourClanOrOurs.htm

Though these article focus on Scotland, the basis of this Confederate Celtic identity theory is the same as for James Webb. They both quote Grady McWhiney and the others in the Confederate Celtic movement to support their theories.

I am mentioned, though I am not the author, but one of three editors for "Neo-Confederacy: A Critical Introduction." The web page for the book is at:


Incidentally, I contributed the research materials for this article on Bill Clinton and the United Daughters of the Confederacy.


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