Friday, February 08, 2008

On violent so-called anti-racists; For the Record

I don't support violence against racism. It is wrong in so many ways. It underminds criticism of racist violence. Racists use it to legitimize their own violence. Violence always has the potential to spiral out of control. I don't think violence is effective against racism. It can give racists public sympathy and make public opinion negative towards anti-racism. Almost everyone has had an unpopular opinion at some point and can imagine themselves being the target of violence.

If you want to be violent in your so-called anti-racism please keep away from me and don't contact me. I also don't want to associate with those who associate with violent people.

I think some people that are all fired up at using violence against racism, are really people who just want a justification to engage in violence.

Also, I think it is because real activism against racism takes hard work. You have to do reading, wrestle with difficult questions, do research, and think through complex questions and issues. So much easier for people to just show up and have a hollar at an anti-KKK ralley and feel self-righteous.

So, as I said, if you think anti-racism is some form of violence and vandalism, I don't want to have anything to do with you.

The world is too full of people who think violence is the method to deal with those they really dislike.

Also, I think there is no need for violence. Ultimately it is a conflict of ideas, and if you don't have a mind and just a fist, you are worthless in fighting racism.

Unfortunately, when I first got on the net, I just contacted various anti-racist groups without much understanding of who was who. So I have had contact with some groups, that I regret, but I have rejected them as I have come to understand what they were up to.

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