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The Politically Confederate guide to Thomas E. Woods, Jr. OR Two dozen things you should know about Woods' history

I have finally done a Thomas E. Woods page with his full Neo-Confederate publishing record. He also was and editor for Latin Mass and wrote some real reactionary things.

I have it online at

I will include it here also. Though it is much better organized on the webpage.

Thomas E. Wood's Neo-Confederate Curriculum Vitae

In reviewing Thomas E. Woods' web site I noticed that many of his essays published in Southern Partisan and Southern Patriot, the latter the publication of the League of the South, <>, are not mentioned. Also, his articles in Chronicles are missing. To remedy this deficiency I have written this web page. (Editing in progress, I am going to add the full page range and also vol. and no. in some cases and some description of contents.) An article on the Confederate Christian nationalists is online at:; “The U.S. Civil War as a Theological Struggle: Confederate Christian Nationalism and the League of the South," Canadian Review of American Studies, vol. 32 (3) 253-283


Southern Partisan Note: The system of naming the issues changes over time.

Vol. 16, 1st Quarter 1996, page 48-49, book review of "Derailing the Constitution" by Edward B. McLean, editor. Upset that one of the contributors to this volume thinks the 14th amendment to the constitution was a good thing in a criticism of Indiana University Professor William F. Harvey. Woods in particular doesn't think the application of the Bill of Rights to the states through the 14th amendment is a good thing and thinks Harvey is wrong for saying so. Sees Radical Republicans destroyed the constitution during the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Vol. 17, 2nd Quarter 1997, page 26-29, "Christendom's Last Stand." Cover Article. Sees Civil War as a theological war between an Orthodox Christian south and a heretical North. See Canadian Review of American Studies article above.

2nd Quarter 2001, page 16, "Sitting Amidst The Ruins: The South Versus the Enlightenment." Cover Article. The table of contents of the magazine aptly summarizes the article as follows, "Professor Woods explains how the South and the Enlightenment are at odds, and the Age of Reason is destroying civilization."

4th Quarter 2001, page 12, "A New Strategy Against Terrorism."

Sept. - Oct. 2002, page 31-34, book review of "Revolt from the Heartland" by Joseph Scotchie. About paleoconservatives versus neoconservatives. Woods sees Lincoln having given America a mission of equality which he thinks is a negative development.

Vol. 24 Vol. 1, page 27-29, book review of "Speaking of Liberty" by Lew Rockwell. Praise for Lew Rockwell's book. Lew Rockwell has a web site and he is the head of the Ludwig von Mises Institute which is neo-Confederate. Woods is a frequent contributor to the Lew Rockwell website. Woods reviews book from Neo-Confederate perspective.

Vol. 24 No. 5, page 30-31, book review of "Reclaiming Liberty" by James Ronald Kennedy, Pelican Publishing. They have a web page for their books at Kennedy is one of the major founding figures in the Neo-Confederate movement.

Vol. 26 No. 2, page 20-21, book review of "Lincoln Unmasked: What You Are Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe," by Thomas J. DiLorenzo, published by Random House/Crown Forum. Praises book enthusiastically. Woods claims that Hitler was a fan of Lincoln. Sees legacy of Lincoln as tyranny of a centralized state.

Southern Patriot (official publication of the League of the South)

Woods was a founding member of the League of the South, then known as the Southern League, from Vol. 1 No. 1, page 7, and was on the membership committee.

Vol. 2 No. 1 - Jan.-Feb. 1995, page 3-5, "Copperheads" About northern conservatives who he sees as supporters of what he sees as southern conservatism, which is posed as Orthodox Christianity versus Northern heresy. Feels 14th Amendment is "ill-begotten" and abused by "militant egalitarians." Feels that "No Northerner who makes any pretence to conservatism can therefore fail to sympathize with the South," such as the Southern Agrarians and John C. Calhoun.

Vol. 2. No. 5 - Sept. - Oct. 1995, page 36-37, "The Abolitionists," Portrays them as murderous revolutionaries.

Speaker at the 3rd Annual League of the South convention announced in Vol. 3 No. 2, outside back cover.

Audio Tapes of Speaking Engagements with Neo-Confederate groups.

2003 Confederate Heritage Conference (13th) : Richard Weaver: Historian of the South
Apologia Books

2003 Confederate Heritage Conference (13th) : The Philosophical Legacy of Abraham Lincoln
Apologia Books

3rd Annual Southern League National Conference - Christendom's Last Stand
All Points South, Inc. Currently this tape is sold by Apologia Books.

League of the South - 1998 Convention in Birmingham - The Spirit of the South vs. The Spirit of this Age

All Points South, Inc. Currently this tape is sold by Apologia Books.

The above tapes are still for sale from Apologia Books.

United Daughters of the Confederacy Magazine

Vol. 57 No. 5, May 1994, page 27, by a Tom Woods, reprinted from Peninsula Magazine, November 1993 at Harvard, titled "Peninsula's Women." Woods was an undergraduate student there, but the name is given as Tom Woods.

Scholar of the Abbeville Institute

Chronicles (publication of the Rockford Institute, run by Neo-Confederates)

Vol. 20 No. 5, May 1996, page 49, "Battling Cyberhate." Woods disparages efforts to battle "cyberhate" as some leftist effort to suppress free speech.

Vol. 20 No. 7, July 1996, page 37, "Ron Paul and the Two GOPs." Article asserting that Ron Paul is a true conservative and his defeat of Republican incumbent Greg Laughlin in the Republican primary in the Texas 14th district was a victory for true conservatism.

Vol. 24 No. 1, January 2000, page 32-33, book review of "The Roosevelt Myth" by John T. Flynn, 50th anniversary republishing. Books attacks Franklin Delano Roosevelt which Woods feels well observed.

Vol. 26 No. 9, September 2002, page 26-28, book review of "Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace: How We Got to Be So Hated" by Gore Vidal. Likes the book.

Vol. 27 No. 5, May 2003, page 28-30, book review of "God and the World" by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger. Doesn't approve of him since he is not orthodox by Woods' standards.

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