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Warning to Synagogues Part 2

See my previous posting.

I also recommend reading the following article. It is by David A. Love, at CNN, "Lynching re-emerges in new rhetoric of hate." This type of violence is already happening. 

This is an extract from a draft about the Sons of Confederate Veterans offering for sale the book "Cultures in Conflict" by Charles A. Jennings. Unitarians should also be careful.

Most ominously was a book review in the Jan./Feb. 2016 Confederate Veteran, Boyd D. Cathey reviews “Cultures in Conflict: The Union Desecration of Southern Churches and Cemeteries,” by Charles A. Jennings. The publisher given is Truth in History in Owasso, Oklahoma. This is the same publisher and city given for the book at the website.
Cathey’s review states that in the book Jennings explains that “the Northern and Southern states were growing dramatically apart, not just politically and economically, but also religiously and culturally,” and that “by the 1830s and 1840s, the South was becoming more conservative religiously and culturally, while in many areas of the North, the older Puritanism had evolved into Unitarianism and liberal evangelicalism.”
Cathey then asks the question, “But how to explain the rage and sickening zeal of many Northern soldiers and the ravages they committed when they came South?” Cathey refers to the books forward written by Charles Baker stating:

In his forward to the book, Dr. Charles Baker attributes this lapse into what was basically barbarism to the collapse of orthodox Puritanism and the increasing dominance of liberal Protestantism.

Cathey quotes Thornwell’s statement about the true nature of the conflict as previously quoted in this chapter. The book thus makes the desecration of churches and cemeteries in the South, “barbarism,” “ravages” done with “sickening zeal” due to the “collapse of orthodox Puritanism” which Cathey had also referred to as “the older Puritanism” having “evolved into Unitarianism and liberal evangelicalism.”
The Truth in History web site currently (7/2/2016) has a web page article, “Jewish Hatred Against Jesus Christ.” In another article, “The House of Israel and The House of Judah,” asserts that the ancient Israelites weren’t the ancestors of modern day Jews. Another article, “The Seventy Weeks of Daniel,” explains the history of the persecutions of the Jews as the punishments by Jesus upon the Jews for their rejecting him and the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans as another divine punishment.[i]  At the Truth in History website Charles Jennings is listed as the contact person with the phone number matching the phone number in the Confederate Veteran review.[ii] Also, earlier archived web pages at have Charles A. Jennings as the website author in the “About Us” description.[iii]
Dr. Charles E. Baker was the Chaplain in Chief of the SCV in the early 1990s.[iv]
The Truth in History website has listed this book on their website in the past and it can be found on archived web pages at However, now you would not find it on the Truth in History website, but you will find it sold at the Biblical and Southern Studies website which was founded by Rondel Rumburg, past Chaplain-in-Chief of the SCV, and the editor of the Chaplains’ Corps Chronicles of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and is the editor of the 3rd edition “Chaplain’s Handbook,” for the Chaplains in the SCV.[v]
Boyd D. Cathey was on the Editorial Advisor Committee of The Journal of Historical Review of the Institute for Historical Review, according to an archived page from 2001.[vi] According to Scott Miller, University Programs Coordinator at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., “The central institution of Holocaust denial in the United States is the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), located in southern California, and founded (with a deceptively scholarly name) by Willis Carto.”[vii]
The offer for sale of this book as well as the book review could possibly introduce SCV members to the Truth of History publisher and possibly Truth of History’s website’s promotion of what could be characterized as virulent anti-Semitism without the book review referencing anything about Jewish people.
In regards to Unitarians, in being made historical villains whose religion resulted in “desecrations” and “ravages” done with “sickening zeal,” it is entirely reasonable that someone might decide to avenge these alleged historical crimes with an act of violence.

[i] Truth in History website,,  article “Jewish Hatred Against Jesus Christ,”, printed out 7/2/2016;  article about Jews not being Israelites, “The House of Israel and The House of Judah,”, printed out 7/2/2016; “The Seventy Weeks of Daniel,”, printed out 7/2/2016.
[iv] Baker, Charles Estell, “Chaplain’s Comments,” Confederate Veteran, Jan.-Feb. 1993, pp. 44. This issue doesn’t have a volume or number.
[v] The website seems to be primarily devoted to publishing H. Rondel Rumburg’s writings, but doesn’t give much information who is in charge. The page, does list H. Rondel Rumburg as the contact individual for the group. However, Gary Lee Roper does mention that Rondel Rumburg is the founder of the Society for Biblical and Southern Studies in “Antebellum Slavery: An Orthodox Christian View,” Gary Lee Roper publisher, 2008, pp. 179. The first issue of the Chaplain’s Corps Chronicles of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Jan. & Feb. 2006, has him as Chaplain-in-Chief writing an editorial,, printed out 7/3/2016, and he is listed as the editor in the June 2016 issue,, printed out 7/3/16. For the listing of the 3rd edition of the “Enlarged Sesquicentennial Edition” of the “Chaplain’s Handbook,”, printed out 7/3/2016.
[vi], printed out 7/3/2016. Later archived pages don’t list the Editorial Advisory Committee.
[vii] Miller, Scott, “Denial of the Holocaust,”, printed out 7/3/2016. This is the website of the National Council for the Social Studies, an organization for social studies education and was founded in 1921. 

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