Monday, May 15, 2017

This is how Confederate monuments will be defended

I will have more information tonight, but these are examples how Confederate monuments will be defended.

No one wants to defend the Confederacy so other rationalizations are being used.

The argument in the above link is that getting rid of Confederate monuments will result in a missed opportunity to fight racism.

This op ed is revealing. It also argues that getting rid of Confederate monuments will result in a missed opportunity to fight racism. Who would want to miss an opportunity to fight racism.

This is the type of argument you make when you are a fool but educated.

Destroying or removing the structures eliminates opportunities for productively using our past. Critical contextualization is the better alternative. This would be a complex process, drawing on the skills and judgment of historians, artists, urban planners and a good cross-section of local residents. Much could be added: plaques concerning the war itself, disputes over slavery, Richmond’s and Virginia’s roles in the Confederacy, Reconstruction (and its abrupt termination following the 1876 election deal), African-American disenfranchisement, the blatant racism surrounding the statues’ planning and dedication.

The league of distinguished experts will come up with a really complicated rationalization to keep Confederate monuments, because all these artists, historians, urban planners are experts. Removing Confederate monuments are the ideas of the great unwashed.

Also, there is a slur on those who simply want to remove the monuments. They are called "iconoclasts."

So Kevin Levin is a member of a faction that has some support.

The New York Times has a past history which I need to explicate.

For now let me provide this link to an early blog on them.

Incidentally this is the petition asking Trump not to send a wreath to the Arlington Confederate monument.

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