Sunday, May 21, 2017

Burn Confederate flags on memorial day, so many to burn also

I will be burning Confederate flags on memorial day and putting it on Youtube. I will be burning and doing periscope broadcasting also.

I invite other people to burn and record it and put it on Youtube or facebook.

A lot of people know about the Confederate battle flag, but there are a fair number of other flags that you can burn and let people know about. You can burn over a dozen flags with Confederate origins.

I include a link so you can download, print and burn..

1. Bonnie Blue flag.

This flag, and when you see it don't let them tell you it is the flag of Somalia, which is similar, is a Confederate flag. I have seen it flow when I was walking off the campus of a university in the South. It was being flown by  a fraternity which has a reputation. They were standing in the front of the house and you could sort of tell from their expressions they thought they were pulling off something. Flying a Confederate flag but no one knew it.

2. 1st, 2nd and 3rd national flags of the Confederacy.

The 1st national Confederate flag is also popular for people and institutions to fly when they want to fly a Confederate flag and avoid a reaction. Evidently the idea that flying one flag in support of a nation dedicated to the purpose to preserve white supremacy and slavery is okay if the general public doesn't recognize it. They are not concerned that Civil War buffs recognize it because they generally  don't care.

3. The Van Dorn battle flag, Flag of the First Corps Army of Tennessee, Flag of the 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles, J.P. Gills Flag, Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, also called the Robert E. Lee Headquarters Flag."

4. Mississippi state flag. Sort of obvious.

5. This is the Confederate flag of Georgia and the state flag of Georgia.
Confederate flag of Georgia
State flag of Georgia.
You can see that it still incorporates an element of a Confederate flag.

The state flag of Georgia got ride of the obvious Confederate battle flag symbol but still incorporates the Confederacy.

6. The Confederate flag of South Carolina.
South Carolina Confederate flags.

Current flag of South Carolina. Adopted in Jan. 28, 1861.

7. The flag of the Citadel.
Civil War flag of the Citadel.

Also the Big Red flag of the Citadel today. Somewhat a resemblance since it is an intentional replica.

8. First Confederate Navy Jack

9. First Confederate Navy Ensign

10. The state flag of Virginia was adopted when it was a Confederate state.

You will note that the slogan on the flag is also the slogan of John Wilkes Booth who stated it when he shot Abraham Lincoln.

11. State flag of Arkansas

12. State flag of Alabama

They are passing legislation to protect Confederate monuments so burn two of them.

13. State flag of North Carolina

If you were surprised that your state was a Confederate flag or containing Confederate elements a burning of the flag will help educate the public.

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