Saturday, May 13, 2017

Effort to remove Confederate monument in Shreveport, Louisiana. It is starting.

It has already begun. I thought the process whereby other cities would take down Confederate monument would really start moving along after the 4th monument in New Orleans went down, but it is happening already.

I discussed how a movement against Confederate monuments everywhere would start with the success of monument removal in New Orleans, but I thought it wouldn't really take off until the 4th monument was removed. This is my blog posting stating this.

The following is about the debate to remove a Confederate monument in Shreveport.

Not only is the process underway, but the columnist writing this essay is showing how all the excuses and rationalizations for the Confederate monuments are rubbish and that the Confederate monuments are about white supremacy.

This is a column in the major daily newspaper for New Orleans. Not a paper with a limited readership. Members of the establishment will take note.

Other cities are also thinking about removing monuments.

However, there is one road block that is coming up. State lawmakers are trying to remove control of Confederate monuments form the cities and other municipalities.

The success of this effort I think is largely due to the fact that the Democratic Party isn't speaking up. Trent Lott explained in a Southern Partisan interview that the Republican Party was for those who have the values of Jefferson Davis. The discussion was about him expressing the same idea in a speech to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The problem is that the Democratic Party has been the party of James Buchanan in resisting the Republican Party's support of the Confederacy.

However, I plan to compile a table of every vote for Confederate monuments by state legislators.

Also, I don't think the Republican Party is going to want to be identified with the Confederacy in the future. I think that some of these bills were passed with the understanding that Confederate monument removal would not go so far. The issue wouldn't be pressed so strongly. The bills were passed in the situation as it was, which was very different from how it will be. I think Republicans are going to reconsider this legislation.

There can be marches to state capitols demanding bills be repealed. Local legislators can submit bills asking for their monument to be exempted. Cities can send petitions to state legislatures year after year asking for the bill to be repealed or the monument to be exempted.

Year after year the Republicans can be hammered as being the party of the Confederacy. I think with the defeat of Sheri Few and she only getting 5% of the vote in the Republican primary the GOP in many states will see large liabilities and little advantage, few benefits in the defense of the Confederacy. It could be a long struggle which would not just embarrass the Republican Party nationally, but destroy their credibility.

One big obstacle are residual yellow dog Democrats and a white members of the liberal/left in the former Confederate states which like to think they are all this and that but in reality are banal white nationalists.

One thing about the removal of the Confederate monuments it is revealing who is who in New Orleans.

In the above link the article reports that the Mayor of New Orleans specifically criticized Frank Stewart, a local rich guy who supported the monuments.

I said that fighting neo-Confederacy would surface who was really who in a society. Frank Stewart's reputation has been taken down along with the two monuments that have been taken down.

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