Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Warning to all synagogues UPDATE1: Mississippi State Rep. Karl Oliver calls for lynching of Confederate monument destroyers

I hope to elaborate more on this tomorrow.

The anti-Semitic book "South Under Siege" by Frank Conner is offered for sale by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and is praised by them.

It calls "Northern Jewish intellectuals" the South's "deadliest enemy."  It argues that the 20th century Civil Rights movement was a conspiracy by "Northern Jews." There is a section-, "Northern Jews Wage All-Out Ideological Warfare Against the White South."

Some synagogues might say that they have deep roots in the South, mention Benjamin Judah, and mention Confederate ancestors. To that I would say that the type of people who go massacre people are not generally known for critical thinking.

Further the Sons of Confederate Veterans offer for sale books books extolling the Red Shirts as heroes and the United Daughters of the Confederacy still has a museum which they call a "Shrine" to the Red Shirts. If Dylann Roof was living in 1876 and participated in the Hamburg Massacre white South Carolinian would have considered him a member of what they considered the heroic Red Shirts. Even unto this day there are those who consider Wade Hampton III and the Red Shirts heroes.

There are monuments to Wade Hampton III in South Carolina including a large equestrian statue of him on the groups of the South Carolina state capitol grounds.

The Charleston Emanual African Methodist Episcopal Church massacre is part of a continuing history of massacre in South Carolina.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans offer for sale book that praise or condone the Ku Klux Klan and offers for sale the movie "Birth of a Nation."

At this moment neo-Confederates are really upset over the removal of Confederate monuments.

It is possible that some deranged individual will decide to punish individuals who are called the South's "deadliest enemies" by means which the neo-Confederate tradition considered heroic, murder and mayhem. A set of views which is promoted by the Sons of Confederate Veterans by their promotion of books that advance these views.


Karl Oliver has called for the lynching of those who destroy Confederate monuments. From the reading of his Facebook posting making this call, I think it is obvious that he includes those who remove Confederate monuments form public places.

This call for lynching is by an elected representative. My hypothesis that there would be violent sentiments over this monument removal and hence my concern for synagogues I think is should to be warranted. This is the public statement of an elected official, I am sure among members of white supremacist groups there are similar sentiments. Surely there are "lone wolf" demented individuals who have read the "South Under Siege" and will want to do something to the South's "deadliest enemies" as they understand it.

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