Wednesday, May 17, 2017

"Boston Globe" editorial, perhaps Levin can get into a "twitter spat" with Jeff Jacoby

Jeff Jacoby's editorial is "In free societies, monuments to tyranny  have no place."

Perhaps Kevin Levin can convince Jacoby that they do have a place in Richmond, Virginia because he and his fellow "experts" have found a way.

Jacoby writes:
The Confederate monuments are memorials to the vilest cause in American history. The South went to war for one reason above all: to perpetuate the enslavement of black Americans. The dismantling of the statues is a long-overdue act of moral hygiene; it is appalling that they were ever erected in the first place. What other nation tolerates grand public memorials to its traitors?
Despite decades of blather about Southern “heritage,” the core message of the Confederate monuments — especially those erected after the collapse of Reconstruction — was never hard to decoct. They stood for bigotry and racial backlash, and for the willingness to take up arms in defense of human bondage. Naturally, Ku Klux Klan supporters like David Duke are among those protesting the statues’ removal.
Jacoby later in the article compares these monuments to monuments to communist tyranny and monuments to the Soviet Army in Poland. Jacoby points out that "Massive Nazi swastikas were destroyed in Germany" with the overthrow of the Nazis.

I had people calling me ultra radical for comparing Confederate monuments to monuments to Nazis.

Now it is mainstream.

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