Saturday, May 06, 2017

Sheri Few they don't love you. Gets less than 5% of the vote. The Confederacy is going down.UPDATE:

Sheri Few running in a Congressional primary in South Carolina to replace a Republican who went on to a position in the Trump administration.

Her campaign denounced the lowering of the Confederate flag off the Capitol grounds. She had videos with a military style rifle.

I suspect that she thought that she could win the primary or be in the run off in a Donald Trump type campaign.

As it is, she got less than 5% of the vote.

People prior to the election probably weren't sure what the result might be. However, now it is revealed that there isn't a base of support for the Confederate flag, even in a conservative Republican district, and she is simply ridiculous and those who supported her thought of as being ridiculous also.

Hopefully her career is over. Besides the fact that she is probably not very well liked by the Republican Party establishment and many who have hopes for the Republican Party's future prospects others will not want to back a person who has lost so badly and has taken a stand strongly offensive to public opinion.

The larger impact then the termination of the political career of a loony is the message this election sends to other politicians. Not just politicians in South Carolina, but across the South.

Up to now it hasn't been clear really how much popular support there was for the neo-Confederate agenda. The Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy probably could intimidate some rural state legislators.

Now it is revealed that there really isn't much of a constituency for the Confederate flag and similar things, and not many votes. Additionally pandering to the Confederacy risks a person being compared to Sheri Few. I can see a politician ridiculed with the slogan, "Who are you, Sheri Few?" Or some such thing.

Plus support for the Confederacy has been revealed as not having a lot of political support,  it is time to go get South Carolina Confederate monuments removed also.

With the antics of Sheri Few and former South Carolina Rep. Chris Corley, support for the Confederacy will tend to seem crazy in the public's mind.


This is what happens when Republicans realize that pro-Confederate have not political clout.

South Carolina GOP drops Confederate flag proposal passed by the Spartanburg County GOP.

I probably think that the Spartanburg County GOP who passed it, probably where encouraged to not do it again by the South Carolina state leadership. Alternatively the county passed it knowing that the state leadership will dump it.

So support for the Confederate flag is largely dead in South Carolina. Perhaps some errant municipality will fly a flag but it really is over for the Confederate flag there.

And if the Confederate flag is dead in South Carolina it is largely dead across the United States except for Mississippi and a few other regions.

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