Friday, May 12, 2017

The Confederate flag is down the tubes in South Carolina, elsewhere Confederate flags are going to be increasingly rejected

This article is titled, "SC GOP scuttles Confederate flag proposal before convention."

With Sheri Few's campaign for congress based on defending the Confederate flag went down to defeat and she only got 5% of the vote in the Republican primary, I think the South Carolina Republicans realized that there is really no substantial or even minor or slightly significant support for the Confederate flag in South Carolina and the Spartanburg County GOP resolution was dumped in the garbage.

The South Carolina Republican Party has dropped the Confederate flag and it is probably really clear to any politician with any ambition that supporting the Confederate flag will make you unwelcome in the Republican Party and additionally get you identified with Sheri Few and Chris Corley

Republicans in other states will see a developing trend and the Confederate flag isn't going to be welcome in a lot of places.

Mississippi Republicans will likely be informed that they are embarrassing the Republican Party nationally and that they should change their flag.

I think the battle over Confederate flags is going to be over Mississippi and a few rural towns. Now it is going to be over Confederate monuments

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