Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Virginia Sons of Confederate Veterans hypocrisy

The Virginia Sons of Confederate Veterans issued a statement which among other things condemned the Alt-Right protesters led by Richard Spencer that had a torch light parade supporting the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia.

It is the duty of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to emulate the high moral standards of those who fought and died to protect their home land. We represent Southern Heritage NOT White Supremacy. People of all races, religions, and colors fought to defend their Southern homes in the War for Southern Independence.
Those who show up with torches and making inflammatory statements are in no way connected with or indorsed by the SCV. These people only serve to play right into the hands of those who would label us all as racists. In the end, they may do more to bring down monuments than the actions of our enemies.

What hypocrisy. The public doesn't know that the SCV offers for sale the pro-KKK movie "Birth of a Nation" and endorses it. They don't know that the SCV offers for sale the anti-Semitic book, "South Under Siege," which is also a flaming racist book, a book which has been praised in their publications The public doesn't know about the articles that were published in Southern Mercury magazine, published by the SCV's Education PAC. 
The public doesn't know that the SCV offers for sale books that portray the white supremacist terrorist Red Shirts as heroes. 
The SCV does know that having Richard Spencer marching for any Confederate statue is a likely to further encourage to bring down Confederate monuments. 
If the public knew what I know about the SCV and the United Daughters of the Confederacy the Confederate monuments would come down quickly. I hope to let the public know what I know. 

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