Saturday, May 13, 2017

This is a great idea for what to do with Confederate monuments, send them to Beauvoir

Beauvoir for those of you who don't study the life of Jefferson Davis is Davis's last home. It is in Biloxi, Mississippi and owned by the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

As reported in this article they would like the monuments being removed in New Orleans.

I think this is a great idea for some major and minor reasons.

Minor Reasons

1. It lessons the opposition to monument removal. For a lot of the uninformed Confederate monument supporters having the monuments at another Confederate shrine will seem like a great idea.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans dug up the remains of a Confederate soldier in South Africa to remove them to the United States because of fears of what would happen when Apartheid fell.

I am sure some racial fear will come into play and some neo-Confederates and other white supremacists will want to remove the Confederate monuments to what they consider a safer location.

2. Once the monuments are moved to another Confederate location, it would be extremely difficult to get them back. I would suggest some legal thing to keep the monuments locked down such as selling them for $1.

Major Reason

Confederate monuments will reveal what places like Beauvoir are really about. The disguise of being some historical enterprise professionally run will be ripped away, the the real agenda of it being a neo-Confederate enterprise will be revealed.

There will be fewer historical societies which will want to have anything to do with Beauvoir or other historical places which accept Confederate monuments. Businesses will wonder if they want to be seen being involved. Other organizations will avoid such an institution. Schools will certainly not want to visit.

I do hope that the Charlottesville, VA Confederate monument will be sent to the White House of the Confederacy in Richmond to mark what their agenda is.

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