Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wayne Madsen, John Edward Hurley, and Richard T. Hines

A person named Wayne Marsden runs an expose' web site and has been mentioning Richard T. Hines, Jonathan Edward Hurley, and the Bush administration. I have gotten some inquiries about his writing.

The Wayne Madsen report for July 7/8, 2006 is the lead article at his webpage at .

I have some concerns about what Marsden is reporting and I will tell you what I know briefly.

Richard T. Hines is a major Neo-Confederate and involved with Neo-Confederate affairs in D.C. George W. Bush owes his win in the South Carolina Primary in 2000 to him. This article reviews the connections. ( I provided the Neo-Confederate information on Richard T. Hines for the article. Hines is also involved in the ultra-reactionary, Monarchist TFP society which I blogged on earlier.

However, I have problems with John Edward Hurley as a source. Some of his data may well be accurate. However, John Edward Hurley didn't seem to have a problem with racism until his falling out with some of the local reactionaries. Hurley had a column in the "Southern Partisan" and he endorsed at least one rabid Neo-Confederate book. (I think it was "Southern By the Grace of God" by Michael Andrew Grissom). I have his newsletter for the Confederate Embassy packed away. Suddenly he is shocked, shocked, shocked by racism in the Neo-Confederate movement.

I do think that there is a story in D.C. about Neo-Confederate racism. Someone should attend the Neo-Confederate speeches at the U.S. Capitol in statuary hall on Jefferson Davis' and Robert E. Lee's birthday and find out what is being said. Attendance at the Arlington cemetery when they present the wreath might be very revealing, but I am not going to be there and no one has picked up on this project. The "Southern Partisan" did seem to have contacts in D.C. and did get officials to interview. The editor of the "Washington Times," Pruden interviewed in the "Southern Partisan" and he had one of his editorials contributed as an article to the magazine. He has and may well still be active with the United Daughters of the Confederacy and has some other connections. is one article on the "Washington Times" and Neo-Confederacy, and this is about some other racist business at the paper

But there is a difference between thinking that there could be some connections, and speculation about such connections, and knowing it for a fact. I don't think Wayne Marsden has the info beyond Richard T. Hines. I would not rely on Hurley.

George W. Bush does have a Confederate history, this is an article I have on his past prior to the 2000 election.
Click here for the story.

However, Neo-Confederates hate George W. Bush with a passion, that is those in the League of the South and Council of Conservative Citizens branch of the movement. However, there is the Richard T. Hines type branch, a faction that is pragmatic and works in Conservative movements which understands that Republicans have to work in the real world. "Southern Partisan" was very critical of George W. Bush prior to 2000, and had their complaints about him as a cover issue story for an issue.

There is a Neo-Confederate story in D.C., Wayne Madsen doesn't have it.

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