Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sons of Confederate Veterans Chief of Heritage Defense condemns Charles Darwin and modern cosmology.

Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) Chief of Heritage Defense Gene Hogan in the May/June 2013 issue of Confederate Veteran, official publication of the SCV condemns Charles Darwin on page 11. In the article evolution, cosmology, Lincoln, the right of secession is all mixed together.

He opens his article explaining that he was invited to give a speech and in preparation for his speech he developed an idea which he is going to share in his "Forward the Colors" column as Chief of Heritage Defense which he does as follows:
It's been said a person's creation belief system will determine their world view. If you believe that the universe just, by chance, popped into existence and that, eventually single-cell organisms emerged from the primordial ooze, grew more complex, became vertebrates, began to walk upright ... here we are, billions of years after the process began, then a corresponding world view will follow, one of randomness ... purposelessness ... hopelessness. 
On the other hand, if you believe in the Genesis account, that an Eternal God spoke this universe into existence, formed us, the highest of His creations, in His image and in due time came to dwell as one us, died at our hands, rose again and stands ready to redeem us, it will profoundly affect your world view ... it will be much different than that of the adherent to the previous theory. 
After an erroneous recounting of the formation of the individual states in American history, he gets back to his topic of modern science leading people astray. Opposition to secession was due to a philosophy of Political Darwinism. Constitutional scholars who say that it is a "living breathing document," are influenced by evolutionary theory.

He points out that Lincoln and Darwin where born on the same day and "These boys would become men who would choose wrong idea, and those ideas would take them down the wrong path."

Hogan calls on his readers to resist "Reconstruction of the Mind," modernity, by being like their Confederate ancestors.

It is a free country. If you want to believe the earth is flat, because the Bible refers to the four corners of the world, you can. Also, I don't want to argue about his conceptualization of evolutionary or cosmological theories. I don't know why believing in evolution or modern cosmology would lead to "randomness," "purposelessness," or "hopelessness."  Or why one theory would necessary preclude the other.  I will leave this to Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy to debate.

This article is of interest in that it shows that the SCV has become a religious right organization and right with a capital R.

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