Thursday, May 30, 2013

"New York Times" editorial against U.S. Military bases being named after Confederates

The New York Times has an editorial against U.S. military bases being named after Confederates. You can read it at this link:

A quote from the article:
Now African-Americans make up about a fifth of the military. The idea that today we ask any of these soldiers to serve at a place named for a defender of a racist slavocracy is deplorable;
The editorial is of course correct. It is outrageous that we name bases after Confederates. 

However, Kevin Levin at Civil War Memory is not happy with this editorial. 

His blog is a sort of flailing in logic. A sort of grasping for straws. 

However, this blog and some others are showing his banal white nationalism. ( As public remembrance the Civil War truly starts moving into a mentality of the post-Civil Rights Era and leaves the pre-Civil Rights Era, the era of Paul Buck's "Road to Reunion" we will see in the reactions of Levine and others like him their true colors as they react against this change. 

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