Saturday, May 25, 2013

Juvenile Racism of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans

The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) has an official Facebook page.

The link is:

On the Official SCV Facebook page there is a picture with Lincoln carrying a boombox on his shoulder next to his ear and listening to it. You can see the picture and the comments for the picture at this link while it still lasts.

These pictures aren't posted by contributors but by the Official SCV Facebook page itself. In the following link There are other juvenile pictures posted by the SCV on their Facebook page. Lincoln and Sherman are shown devils in hell in the picture at the following link:

The Sons of Confederate Veterans thinks is it clever and derogatory to portray Lincoln as an African American and commentators at the SCV Facebook page picture pick up the message of the photo.

Mike Edmonds comments, "I dont care what Bill Clinton says, Abe was our first black president."

By the way Clinton didn't say it, someone else did.

Matt Fischer comments, "yeah the hand behind his back is hidin the fried chicken."

Reubin Mauldin comments, "The first Snoop Dog ..."

Don Hulsey comments, "hes got a crackpipe in the other hand."

Butch Jackson comments, "Tru Dat !!!"

The editor of the Official SCV can remove inappropriate comments but hasn't removed these comments and has let these comments stay since April and May 2012.

I think this tells you what type of people make up the Sons of Confederate Veterans and their real attitudes when they are not before the media.

If you want to see these photos go right away, the SCV will likely pull them since it contradicts their public message that it is "Heritage not Hate."

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