Saturday, May 11, 2013

Celebrate Juneteenth as an Anti-Confederate holiday

Juneteenth is on June 19th every year. It originally started out as a holiday to celebrate the abolition of slavery in Texas. However, it has become a national holiday of emancipation.

This year do something to celebrate Juneteenth as an anti-Confederate holiday.

1. You might read a an article or book about the struggle against slavery during the Civil War or the struggle for racial equality during the Civil War. You might read about the African American troops who fought against the Confederacy. I recommend Dudley Cornish's "The Sable Arm." It is a classic book. You might just buy a book about these topics on Juneteenth.

Mention the book or article your read or buy by tweeting on it or mentioning it on your facebook page or elsewhere on the Internet.

2. You might do a blog posting relevant to Juneteenth and the Civil War and the struggle against the Confederacy. Or write up something as a Facebook posting.

3. If you are in D.C. visit the African American Civil War Memorial.

4. If the local municipality or state you are in celebrates the Confederacy write a letter to your elected representatives asking them not to celebrate the Confederacy. It might be a monument, a flag, a symbol, a holiday about or incorporating the Confederacy. Post your letter online or tweet about it.

There must be many things you might do to have an anti-Confederate observance of the day. Let me know what ideas you might have and I will consider post them.

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