Sunday, May 05, 2013

Confederate Veteran author advocates white supremacy to avoid being like Latin America

Latin America is referred to in Confederate Veteran articles as a racial demographic to be avoided.

This is an extract from an article is from the Confederate Veteran, Vol. 11 No. 9, September 1903, pp. 407. Introduction to article which clearly explains the meaning of the “Faithful” slave stories. The Confederate Veteran was the official publication of the United Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Confederated Southern Memorial Associations, and the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Our forefathers of the forties and fifties and sixties believed that if slavery were abolished, unless the black race were deported from the American States, there would result in the Southern States just such a condition of things as had resulted in San Domingo, in the other West Indies Islands, and in the so-called republics of Central and South America—namely, a hybridization of races, a lowering of the ethical standard, and a degradation, if not loss, of civilization.
The article is about African slavery. You can read it here.

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