Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Dubious Medical advice at Lew Rockwell webpage

It always amazes me what is passed off as sound medical advice at Very frequently there are various articles putting forth various medical claims that are laughable.

However, this article caught my attention, "Might Electron Deficiency Be An Underlying Factor in Most Chronic Disease."

The lead in to it from the page is "Are you Suffering from Excessive Electricity?" Someone is confusing "Excessive" with "Deficiency."

It is hilarious reading.

What attracted me to read a little of the article, was that you don't hear much anymore about electricity in dubious medical devices and treatments. It is like something out of the 30s or 40s.

If Lew Rockwell thinks that this article is credible, he really lacks intellectual capacity or judgement.

I don't see the ad that can frequently be seen on the website offering to sell plans for a machine that generates electricity without any fuel or electrical input. In short a perpetual motion machine. What is interesting is the sales pitch, listening to it you really learn something about the audience for

If you tend to think anyone in charge of anything is likely to be part of a conspiracy, whether the school crossing guard, president of your aunt's bridge club, or something you thought you saw in the woods, then is for you.

It is astounding that so many university professors affiliate with Lew Rockwell when his website propounds these dubious medical theories. They must utterly be without a sense of embarrassment.

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