Sunday, May 12, 2013

League of the South and the International Afrikaner Society

The announcement for the 20th Annual League of the South (LOS) National Conference has as their speakers Mr. Hannes Louw, President of International Afrikaner Society (IAS) and Mr. Thomas J. Ferreira, former mayor of Boksburg, South Africa. The following is a link to the conference announcement.

There is a link to a LOS page on Louw.

This is the facebook page for the International Afriikaner Society.

According to the LOS page on Louw he is working to find a new homeland for Afrikaners. According to the LoS.
Louw had a keen interest in Conservative politics from an early age, and became increasingly concerned with the plight of the Afrikaner in South Africa and the Afrikaner Diaspora. Believing that current Afrikaner party politics holds little promise he answered the call to utilize his experience, skills and international network to transform and unify Afrikaners, and work with other groups to establish a new Homeland for the Afrikaner people.
I don't pretend to know the politics of South Africa and there has been a lot of criticism of the South African ruling party by many, mostly over the issue of corruption. A lot of this criticism comes from Black Africans. It is a country with a lot of problems. 

However, there seems to be some agenda among some right wing white Afrikaners that there is an upcoming genocide. 

What I think is interesting is that the League of the South is having these speakers here. Why does the League of the South feel that these individuals have something relevant to say to them? The Council of Conservative Citizens has an agenda of alarm over South Africa and white genocide and maybe the LOS is planning on adopting this agenda. The LOS also has a program to teach all its members how to use effectively guns. Maybe they are evolving into some armed group expecting an apocalypse of some sort.  

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