Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Jefferson Davis on racial superiority of whites over Latin Americans. Another item to consider for Cinco de Mayo

I am going to be posting items about the anti-Latino attitudes of the Confederates and neo-Confederates for Cinco de Mayo.

Jefferson DavisThis link has a speech by Jefferson Davis in Portland, Maine before the Civil War:

“Speech of Jefferson Davis at the Portland Convention,” from Jefferson Davis Constitutionalist: His Letters, Papers, and Speeches, collected and edited by Dunbar Rowland, Volume III, pages 284-288, printed for the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson, Mississippi, 1923.

Essentially Jefferson Davis praises his listeners in Maine for remaining racially pure unlike Latin Americans who he thinks are inherently incapable of a republican form of government due to their racial composition.  An extract form the speech:

Among our neighbors of Central and Southern America, we see the Caucasian mingled with the Indian and the African. They have the forms of free government, because they have copied them. To its benefits they have not attained, because that standard of civilization is above their race. Revolution succeeds Revolution, and the country mourns that some petty chief may triumph, and through a sixty days’ government ape the rules of the earth. Even now the nearest and strongest of these American Republics, which were fashioned after the model of our own, seems to be tottering to a fall, and the world is inquiring as to who will take possession; or, as a protector, raise and lead a people who have shown themselves incompetent to govern themselves.
Regarding the anti-Latino attitudes of neo-Confederates go to and put Latino, Mexican, or Hispanic into the search engine and you will have more than enough to read.

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