Monday, October 26, 2015

"The Chronicles of Higher Education" has article about universities which allow United Daughters of the Confederacy Awards.

The link to the article is:

I was interviewed by Peter Schmidt some months ago. I am quoted in the article.

This article covers the fact that the U.S. military academies have Confederate awards and some of them named after racists.

I believe the Univ. of Virginia still has a UDC Jefferson Davis award also.

This publication is widely read by university leaders and professors everywhere and anyone of consequence in academic institutions.  Administrators at these universities are probably wondering if they have a UDC connection of some sort and should seek to end it.

I plan on sending this articles to the heads of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) so that they realize that these issues get in the news. They have been either not responding to my letters or giving meaningless replies. There is nothing like the prospect that you might be in the news having to explain yourself to give moral clarity to the thinking of a government functionary.

One of the primary themes of Schmidt's article is that Bowdoin College suddenly changed their mind after the Charleston massacre even though just a few months earlier they said that they weren't planning to get rid of the Jefferson Davis award.

On record are the military academies saying that the Confederate awards are alright, even if named after nasty racists. They are probably thinking of changing their minds also.

Other writers have brought up different aspects of the U.S. military honoring the Confederacy or aiding and abetting neo-Confederacy.

The article also brings up my 2011 letter to Obama about the Arlington Confederate Monument and has a link to it.

As I have said, one Confederate defeat leads to another. I am really planning on pressing on.

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