Sunday, October 18, 2015

Disturbing, huge Russian audience for this blog


On my blog I have reported on the Russian support for neo-Confederates in the United States, specifically the League of the South.

Here is one of my postings.

You can find the rest of the postings using the search term "Russia."

I have been tied up with other projects, but have a back log of blog postings I need to do. So I logged on this morning to my blog to start posting. I immediately notice that I am having a lot of readership which is surprising. If I haven't been posting it is usually 75 to 150 a day, typically around 100. That was the readership rate when I last checked about 2-3 weeks ago.

THIS MORNING, I am seeing 300 and 400+ readers. I start using Google's tracking features and I see that I have a huge readership in Russia. See the above graphic. There are 3 times as many readers of my blog in Russia than from the United States last week. Russia 1308, United States 439, Ukraine 58, Germany 40, Switzerland 27.

It could be that opposition to the Russian are reading my blog to see what type of movement the Russian government is backing. Or a lot of Russian government officials and supporters are reading my blog as part of their plans to back the neo-Confederates. I am inclined to think it is the latter, though I can't give a good reason why.  Maybe it is both.

I have had a lot of Russian and Ukranian readership before for certain weeks. I have had weeks where the overseas interest has been very high. I find this odd for something of an internal historical matter for which the American media has very limited interest.

I don't mind overseas readers and I expect some. I think some are stray views for American Civil War students in other nations. It is just that I find having such a surge from Russia to be troubling. Maybe  nationalists there are into imagining the United States breaking up and my blog is of interest to them.

I really don't know. Why would my blog be of interest to Russians that much  For other countries it is just two digits.

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