Sunday, October 18, 2015

Maryland likely recalling Confederate license plates.

The article is at this link in the Washington Post.

Yet another state recalling Confederate automobile license plates. This is important not just for the momentum it drives for other states to recall their Confederate license plates. It is important also because it makes it very unlikely that any state that hasn't a Confederate license plate to adopt one.

However, the  most important thing is that each time a Confederate symbol is removed from display by the government, it makes the remaining displays by government seem more aberrant which leads to another governmental unit dropping another Confederate symbol which then leads to other governmental units dropping a Confederate symbol and so on.

As governmental display of Confederate symbols become less frequent the remaining ones brand the governmental units that display them as being backward and raise questions about the locality.

Peoples spouses are less comfortable moving their with their children when their are displays of Confederate symbols by the local municipality. Companies usually need to recruit specialized talents to run their operations from a national labor market, and when the candidate and spouse visit, having a big old Confederate flag at the court house is off putting, especially if the engineer, or programmer, or other STEM professional is a minority member.

People don't want their children having their high school memories involving the Rebels or some other Confederate name.

Minority parents will have to wonder how their children will be treated in the local schools.

More than a few chamber of commerce groups are probably figuring out that their local Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) camp and UDC chapter are liabilities.

When a SCV camp or a UDC chapter is able to successfully defend a governmental Confederate symbol I am sure neighboring counties will take note.

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