Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Confederacy vanishing, losing legitimization day by day

These are just some of the events where practices which legitimized the Confederacy are being eliminated.

The Florida Senate dumps the Confederate battleflag from its seal.

Capitol of Arkansas renames Confederate Boulevard.

This is a counter effort to raise the Confederate flag voted down by 20 to 1.

The above is just one day of Google alerts.

As I have stated before, as each Confederate symbol vanishes the remaining Confederate symbols seem to be more anomalous which increases the pressure to get rid of them, and when one of them is removed it then makes the remaining Confederate symbols, now fewer in number, seem even more anomalous, which repeats the process.

Also, each specific type of Confederate symbol removal sets a precedent. Such as the Florida Senate getting rid of the Confederate flag from their seal. It makes people in other states start to wonder what the seals of their legislative bodies contain, and what other seals of other institutions contain.

I expect the effort to slow down after awhile because there won't be as many Confederate symbols to remove and those that remain will be in reactionary areas and places not amenable to change. These remaining Confederate symbols will look very anomalous and the local chamber of commerce will be very interested in getting rid of them so their local community won't look like idiots.

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