Sunday, October 18, 2015

League of the South leader complains about the crazies he meets as a League of the South Leader

The irony of the following League of the South blog posting is hilarious.

Tuggle's complaint is:
These two are members of the minuscule but VERY vocal "Re-Establishment" movement. They're often confused with the "Sovereign Citizen" groups, but are in fact a different brand of fruitcake. I should know -- when I was the State chair of the North Carolina League of the South, I got to see and hear these characters up close and all too often.
I suggest that the League of the South members and leaders consider the old cliche': "Birds of a feather flock together."

A secessionist calling a group which claims to have "re-established" a government "fruitcakes" is really too hilarious.

I was told that the ancient temple at Delphi had an inscription which translates as "Know thyself." I recommend that League of the South members consider that.

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