Sunday, October 18, 2015

Exploited African American family wises up and gets rid of Confederate memorial marker for their ancestor

The story is here online.

Originally the family had accepted the marker for their ancestor, but has since wised up.

This family isn't unique, there are a lot of African Americans like this who would be flattered to have a Confederate memorial or honor.  That is why a lot of these Confederate memorials and holidays and flags persist in the South, there are African Americans who don't mind the Confederacy.

When there was a vote in Mississippi about the state's flag which has a Confederate battle flag on it there were places where a clear majority of African Americans voted to keep the Mississippi flag as it is.

I don't know if this represents a trend or not. I suspect some family members and African Americans in the community expressed some opinion to the family and that got them to thinking.

I don't know though.

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