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Is the League of the South ashamed of the Confederate flag? The League of the South campaign against Hispanics. UPDATE: Southern Nationalist Network responds to this blog posting UPDATE2:

The League of the South (LOS) has started a series of protests against what it calls "Demographic Displacement." What they mean is immigration which would actually be "demographic addition." However, logic isn't a strong feature of LOS thinking.

These are some LOS links about their campaign against immigration which they are doing in partnership with the Southern Nationalist News (SNN) group.

This is the link to the flyer for the upcoming protest.

The photo coverage of the Uvalda event is shown at the following link, notice you don't see any type of Confederate flag. Not the Confederate battle flag or the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd National Confederate flag.

The LOS obviously hopes to capitalize on the issue of immigration to increase their membership. It is somewhat surprising since the LOS usually doesn't protest but writes papers, holds conferences, and writes some more papers, and hold another conference.

Occasionally they have tried joining other protest events, but they would get thrown out. Conservatives in the South don't want Confederate flags associated with their movement. Now it seems the LOS also doesn't want Confederate flags associated with their movement either.

The white flag with the cross is explained here.

On the flag the color white is supposed to be for European heritage and black is for nationalism. So the SNN is an openly white nationalist group.

This new direction of the LOS has great opportunities to defeat neo-Confederacy with little effort on my part.

First it is unlikely they will get many members. At some point most interested persons will realize that the LOS has something to do with the Confederacy and then something to do with secession and neo-Confederacy and they will feel like they were lured in and leave. Though with the LOS's small membership any new members will probably be significant.

Second the issue of immigration has passed its crest. Conservative religious groups have shifted on the issue of immigration. They see immigrants as being a new group from which to recruit. Also, Christianity is becoming centered outside the West in the non-Western world. The LOS anti-immigrant campaign puts them at odds with evangelical Christianity in the South.

Finally, though these demonstrations will get little press, but they will be noted in the Hispanic community and they will be schooled in the meaning of the Confederacy and the Confederate flag. This will bring on board a whole new community against the Confederacy.  This is something that would take me years to accomplish, but it seems the LOS will do this for me with no effort on my part.


The Southern Nationalist Network (SNN) responded to this blog post.

The fact is that in all the pictures that the SNN posted I don't see the Confederate battle flag or the 1st, 2nd or 3rd National Confederate flag or a flag that most people would recognize as Confederate. Most people wouldn't recognize the 1st National Confederate flag as being Confederate.

No doubt when people walked up to the protesters they realized that the SNN and LOS were neo-Confederate groups. They might have said nice things, and then thought to themselves, "smile then walk casually back to the car and leave!" The fact remains, based on viewing the photos, until people got closer they wouldn't realize that the SNN and LOS were at all connected to the Confederacy.

The SNN said they got a lot of coverage, but it seems that they just got local coverage in small town newspapers. I do hope that CNN or some other major media outlet with a significant audience does give them coverage. Unfortunately I think that given the significance of the LOS and the SNN they are not likely to get significant news coverage excepting if the media thinks it would have freak show novelty interest.

The SNN and LOS should try wearing Confederate uniforms and fly Confederate flags that are recognizable as being such by the general public. The "Bonnie" Blue flag doesn't count, the general public won't have a clue what it is. If you have any women at the event make sure they wear hoop skirts. If you are lucky enough to get a TV camera to show up, give a Rebel Yell.

Also, why can't the SNN and the LOS protest gay parades and events? There are a lot of stupid gay people in the South that swoon over "Gone With The Wind," and dote on Confederate ancestors and at social events blather defending the Confederacy. A SNN & LOS protest would help shut them up.

I think the reason the neo-Confederates haven't done any public protest of the gay movement or press releases attacking the gay movement is that they are afraid of antagonizing the gay and Lesbian movement. They might get squashed like bugs. Actually they would get squashed like bugs and the anti-gay movement in America would cringe seeing the SNN and LOS publicly attacking the gay movement.

SNN has committed to continue protesting immigration. Keep at it guys! I am sure the anti-immigration movement is cringing at the thought of you being the face of anti-immigration.

I suppose this blog posting isn't good strategy. I should have done a posting in which I was outraged, just outraged, outraged, outraged, outraged at the enormity of it. It would encourage them to do more protests. But I am laughing too hard.  Excuse me while I get some duct tape to keep my posterior from falling off.


A more recent blog posting on this topic.

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