Saturday, August 03, 2013

"The American View" or "The Confederate View," Institute on the Constitution participates in rally held by the Maryland League of the Souht

"The American View" is the web page of the Institute on the Constitution (IOTC). One of the events that the IOTC had was a rally with the Maryland League of the South.

The announcement is here:

What is interesting is that Maryland State Senator Richard Colburn was announced as participating.

It seems to be have been an anti-gay marriage rally.

Most interesting was that it was held at a VFW post 4256. I thought that the Veterans of Foreign Wars was a patriotic organization and wouldn't host an organization dedicated to breaking up the United States and which honors those who historically attempted to do so.

The head of the IOTC, Michael Anthony Peroutka spoke at the 2012 League of the South conference.

What is concerning about this organization is that it seems to be connecting into the conservative movement.

William Throckmorton has been doing a good job on tracking the IOTC and its neo-Confederate agenda and its activities.

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