Thursday, August 08, 2013

Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and the Southern Legal Resource Center (SLRC) no longer at We Care. UPDATE: drops link to We Care has decided after all to dump the SCV and when they found out that Kirk Lyons' organization, SLRC was associated with them they dumped them also.

The SCV website still has this link on their web page.

But it goes to a "Sorry Page Not Found" web page.

So it seems that the whole thing is over, though we will be watching. The SCV page was up, then down, then up, then down.

One interesting thing was the when the SCV We Care page was back up and companies were choosing to opt in, the kids sneaker company Keds opted in. The other companies appeared to be no name companies which existed on the web.

So it looks like it is over. On to the next project.

UPDATE: has dropped the link to We Care.


Article about the whole campaign is online here:

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