Saturday, August 03, 2013

Hysterically homophobic Police Chief wears a shirt with the Confederate flag UPDATE:

This is from Warren Throckmorton's blog.

There is a link to this video. Notice the hysterically homophobic police chief's Confederate flag on his shirt.

I don't know how he thinks he is patriotic having a Confederate battle flag on his t-shirt. It is the flag of those who shot at American soldiers to destroy the American Republic in an attempt to create a white supremacist slave Republic.  It seems he is just a fountain of profanity and has little cerebral capacity. He also seems to have sexual preoccupations.

Here is another of his videos.

It is however gratifying to have him associated with the Confederate flag. He is hysterical and raging, but I don't think neo-Confederates will reject him or criticize him. I think Mark Kessler represents the meaning of the Confederate flag and his raging videos will educate people as to what it means.


Seems that Mark Kessler is getting fired. The mayor of Gilberton it is reported still supports him.

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