Tuesday, August 13, 2013

National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) broadcasting neo-Confederate Constitution course. Which nation is the National in NRB for, American or Confederate?

As you can see at this link:

http://nrbnetwork.tv/Pages/Primetimevideo.aspx?ItemID=335 the National Religious Broadcasters are having a Prime Time Program on the American constitution by the Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) which has an "American View" website, though really the IOTC doesn't have an American view at all, but a Confederate one.

The IOTC is run by Michael Anthony Peroutka who is a board member of the League of the South.


The IOTC website is at:


Knowingly promoting racism negates any moral standing the members of the NRB might have.

The details of this whole matter are ably reported on by Warren Throckmorton at:


It is not too surprising that the NRB isn't too concerned about advancing neo-Confederacy. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell both interviewed in the Southern Partisan as well as Donald Wildmon of the American Family Association.  I once bought a book, "More Than Conquerors, Believes From All Walks of Life," by the Moody Press and in it Robert E. Lee was praised as a Christian hero even though he was a white supremacist fighting for slavery.

I think there are a lot of Christian organizations that need to realize that the Civil Rights Era has occurred, it isn't 1910 anymore.

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