Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Centrist Democratic Counter Revolution Arises to Retain Confederate monuments, Update: More articles.

I have been wondering where the Counter Revolution to retain Confederate monuments would come from.  Pres. Donald Trump has come to the defense of Confederate monuments, but since the monuments are located in the center cities of urban areas this can be more an incentive for them to come down.

When there is a social revolution there can be the illusion that the social revolution is unstoppable. Often the forces of social revolution are surprised when the counter revolution arises and is unprepared.

The movement to remove Confederate monuments is not unstoppable and the counter revolution has shown up. It is being lead by the centrist Democrats.

This article first showed up on Slate, the news website of the centrist Democrats.

The title is "Are Democrats Making a Mistake by Fixating on Confederate Statues?" I don't think the Democrats are "fixating" on Confederate statues. The author, Ben Mathis-Lilley is with the title trying to stigmatize Democratic concern over Confederate monuments by using the term "fixating."

Mathis-Lilley's thinking is driven by polls and wants Democrats to focus on Trump's support for white nationalism and avoid the topic of the Confederate monuments.

Then there is this column reported in the S.F. Chronicle and then reported by Breitbart.

Now we have a prominent African American Democrat saying we shouldn't go after Confederate monuments. It is supposed to be a clever trap laid by Trump.  The Republicans have their Walter Williams, it seems centrist Democrats have Willie Brown.

Now Dershowitz is comparing liberals who want to take down statues to Stalinists.

Or course Breitbart wants this generally known.

I don't know why Dershowitz is called a liberal.

These articles give a rational for many liberal/left individuals to oppose efforts to remove Confederate monuments on the basis that they want to fight white nationalism but not fall into a trap or be a Stalinist. The reality is that these individuals are banal white nationalists unwilling to give up a white landscape.

I would think Democrats would learn from a policy of having candidates always triangulate their positions and filter their principles through five focus groups from the results of recent elections.


As more articles like this appear I will put them in this update.

Article quoting a Democratic centrist warning that the anti-Confederate statue campaign will undermine the Democrats.

A quote from the article.

Paul Begala, the Democratic strategist, said his party was “driving straight into a trap Trump has set,” because the president seeks to shift the focus away from comments he made about white supremacists to his charge that opponents are trying to “take away our history.”
“While I understand the pain those monuments cause,” said Mr. Begala, who was an adviser to President Bill Clinton, “I just think it in some ways dishonors the debate to allow Trump to hijack it.”
Begala's last statement just doesn't make sense.

Another article from Politico titled, "Charlottesville fallout  divides Democrats." The lead for the story is, "The party  is wrestling with how much to focus on Confederate statues, or racially tinged issues at all." That is some are wanting to dump civil rights from the agenda.


This is a valuable article to show a larger context for this centrist neoliberal counter effort in the Democratic Party. This one of the few magazines I subscribe to.

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