Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Protest by reactionary groups planned for Dallas.

See this previous post about This Is Texas Freedom Force and their support by the Texas Division Sons of Confederate Veterans for a protest in San Antonio this coming Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017. It will give you a lot of background information.


On Facebook This Is Texas Freedom Force have a July 28th posting in which they explain that they have two members in Dallas-Fort Worth talking to an unspecified local organization.

They state that they are there:

"... to talk to the local organization about their plan of attack/how they want to handle the Confederate Monument attacks by the Mayor & BLM here in Dallas."
This is the link to their posting.

Actually the Black Lives Matter movement is totally not involved with this effort to remove Confederate monuments. Or I should say I don't know of any involvement.

I don't know what local organization to which they are referring.

Things are developing fast. Yesterday Michael Phillips was interviewed for KLIF, a local AM radio channel. I have been finding out that the Freedom Shrine at the Frank Crowley  Courts building that has the Robert E. Lee letter is only one of many across the country. The George Allen Court building in Dallas also has this same Freedom Shrine. I did a lot of photo documentation.

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