Monday, August 28, 2017

Kevin Levin's continues to push "Confederate fabulous" image. A direct assault on the LGBT community.

The rainbow flag has been recently redesigned with a black and brown strip added to represent non-white LGBT or as the news articles report, "people of color."

These are some articles.

CNN reports that the city of Philadelphia released the new flag.

Now the rainbow flag in itself was to represent the idea that LGBT are in every group or come from every group. It is a flag adopted globally, on every continent, by any organization of LGBT on this planet. It supplanted the pink triangle and the stupid lambda symbol.

So on the surface of things it should not be necessary to add additional strips. The new flag still has the basic colors in the eight crayon box. This opens up the idea that other groups will add other strips to localize a flag. The global rainbow flag will become splintered.

However, I can full well understand why this happened. Discriminatory practices at bars over decades, attitudes by some in the LGBT community, and exclusionary practices have made it so that racial minorities in the LGBT community felt it necessary to add the strips to make a point.

In Dallas there are two LGBT pride events. There is a separate event for the African American LGBT community.

So we don't need "Confederate fabulous" as Kevin M. Levin posts here in Sept. 28, 2016 in his blog as part of his efforts to rationalize the retention of Confederate monuments.

He is still using this image.

"fabulous" is a popular word used in LGBT forms of English. The picture shows part of a rainbow balloon structure at a LGBT celebration in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I pointed out Dec. 16, 2016 that this was harmful to the LGBT community.

This has come up as a topic with Levin before.  This image that was in the blog posting discussed below.

You can see in the comments in the following blog posting it has been discussed before. Levin and I had a dialog on this.

I don't think there was intentional harm then, but rather a posting that was unaware of the implications. However, it was rather extensively explained to Levin in the comments. He pulled the image.

However, I did alert some contacts in Boston who I had helped with a story sometime in 2006.

Yet now Levin is pushing "Confederate fabulous."

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