Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Texas Division Sons of Confederate Veterans Facebook calls me evil. UPDATE: Kirk D. Lyon's Comments. UPDATE2: Some music videos

There was a Facebook posting with a photo of the Dallas Morning News edition Viewpoints section with our letter asking that Confederate monuments be taken down.


There are a variety of cranky statements.

These are some of the comments. I think they show the true spirit of Confederate "heritage."

Greg Loren Durand stated:

They can't seem to be able to spell my name correctly. I am not a Marxist. Durand should contemplate that after the Lee statue is removed and the park deConfederated, there will be Gay Pride celebrations there once a year.

However what was really interesting was that the Texas Division Sons of Confederate Veterans declared me to be "evil."

I will have to take my Gothic vampire cape to the dry cleaners tomorrow.

Then there is this hope that I die.

The supporters of the Confederacy are reduced to a raging residual, a Confederacy of cranks.

Tracking this struggle to get rid of Confederate monuments is also like watching a insane comedy.


Kirk D. Lyons has this little homophobic comment. I am called the crawfag. I used to use the name Crawfish A. Crustacean as an online name.


UPDATE2: Some music videos. Might as well have some fun with these clowns.

Bach's Toccata & Fugue in D Minor. You have heard this before.

Nothing is really as impressive as this piece by Bach, but that is my view. There is a lot of Gothic type organ music on YouTube but I feel it is largely derivative from this piece by Bach.

These are some other classical music pieces.

Then there is Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens.


There is Suite Gothique by Leon Boellmann.


Of course I think that Mussgorsky's Night on Bald Mountain, Fantasia would be a worthy addition.


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