Friday, January 06, 2017

"Breitbart" avoids issue of Senator Sessions' defense of "Southern Partisan" magazine on the floor of the Senate.

I blogged earlier about U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions' defense of Southern Partisan magazine.

Below is the link to Sessions' defense of Southern Partisan. Use the search term "Partisan" to find it.

The following is the link to a Jan. 5, 2017 article where Breitbart is trying to spin Sessions' image.

What you won't find in the article is any mention of Sessions' defense of the Southern Partisan. Sessions' submitted into the Congressional Record Southern Partisan's editor Christopher Sullivan's statement defending the magazine which is marvel of careful wording to deny admitting that the Southern Partisan was a racist magazine.

Of course Breitbart isn't going to try to give any excuse for Sessions' defense of Southern Partisan magazine, since Sessions' defense of Southern Partisan magazine is indefensible, both Sessions and Breitbart would rather no one would know about it.

It also shows how Breitbart acts to enable neo-Confederacy by letting enablers of neo-Confederacy off the hook.

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