Sunday, January 15, 2017

"Politico" article on Russian support for California secession, and secession movements around the world.

"Politico" has an article on Russian support for the California secession movement.

There is some interesting information on how the California secessionists are open about their Russian support in contrast to the Texas secessionists.

Also, it seems that the leader of the YesCalifornia movement, Louis Marinelli, has a past in working with the National Organization for Marriage which campaigned against same sex marriage. The article says that Marinelli has recanted these views. I find it rather convenient that he did.

Another secessionist group, the California National Party, doesn't like Louis Marinelli at all.

Many journalists are not taking these secessionist movements seriously, but the United States, unlike most nations, has monuments in its national capitol and many monuments elsewhere celebrating those who would have broken up the nation through secession.

Across the United States there are literally numerous monumental endorsements of secession from the United States. Why shouldn't the Russians think that their efforts might secede.

Perhaps American presidents should consider not sending a wreath to the Arlington Confederate Monument.

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