Saturday, January 14, 2017

After "Breitbart" article, I have decided I will be writing Jeff Sessions about his assertion about the "Southern Partisan"

It might be asserted that since the Southern Partisan is no longer being published it is not of importance that Jeff Sessions came to the defense of the Southern Partisan.

Jeff Session's assertion that the Southern Partisan isn't some extremist magazine helps give neo-Confederate groups like the Abbeville Institute a free pass when they publish articles from Southern Partisan magazine. 

Even if the Southern Partisan magazine articles weren't being republished, defending the Southern Partisan magazine defends the neo-Confederate movement. This magazine has become a corpus of neo-Confederate writing which continues to be of influence. 

A considerable controversy has arisen over Jeff Sessions' nomination by Donald Trump to the position of Attorney General of the United States. 

Most recently Mark Thompson has stated called Jeff Sessions a "Confederate Attorney General." This statement has become a news item at Breitbart

Statement by Mark Thompson can be seen here. 

Breitbart's reporting is here, where you can watch a video of Thompson making the statement.

It occurs to me I should write Jeff Sessions to retract his defense of Southern Partisan magazine. 

One reason in particular is that it is inappropriate for Jeff Sessions, as Attorney General, to defend a magazine which supported the break up of the United States. That is my understanding of the import of this article in the Southern Partisan originally  published in 1997. (3rd Quarter 1997, Vol. 17, starting on page 18, by William Lamar Cawthorn Jr. )

More generally, Jeff Sessions' defense of the Southern Partisan helps legitimize their pernicious agenda. 

Finally, I think whether Sessions rejects the Southern Partisan magazine or not will show who he is.  

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