Friday, November 18, 2016

Alabama U.S. Senator Jeff Session's defense of "Southern Partisan" magazine. An apologist for neo-Confederacy will be the next Attorney General UPDATE: Quoted in "The Grio" about Sessions.

It has been reported that Donald Trump has offered U.S. Senator Jeff Session,, (Republican - Alabama) the position of Attorney General of the United States. This is a disaster, another example of the Confederacy in the White House. 

This is Jeff Session's defense of Southern Partisan magazine back in 2001 when John Ashcroft was nominated for Attorney General.

You will need to word search for Southern Partisan.

This was Session's comments on Southern Partisan.

Mr. President, I have received a statement from the editor of the Southern Partisan magazine that has been attacked here to some degree. I have never read the magazine. But it is a refutation of many of the statements made about the magazine. It certainly is proof that the magazine is in a much better light than it has been reported to be here on the floor.
I note that Senator Ashcroft, when he was interviewed by it, simply did a telephone interview with the magazine. There was no evidence he ever read it, or saw it, or knew much about it.
I think it would be healthy for the statement of Chris Sullivan, editor of the Southern Partisan, to be made part of the Record in which he flatly denies that he favored, or the magazine favored, segregation or other kinds of racially—discriminatory activities.
I ask unanimous consent that it be printed in the Record.
There being no objection, the material was ordered to be printed in the Record, as follows:
In the Congressional Record there is the letter from Chris Sullivan which is, in my opinion, a total misrepresentation of the Southern Partisan magazine.  It is also in the link above. Just word search down to the statement.


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